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Little Bucharest (101 of 102)

There are several things that make Bucharest unique and make you want to stay longer here, split between eastern and western influences. The people that are warm and welcoming, the sometimes kitsch mix between beauty and decay and The Palace of Parliament are some of the city`s trademarks. While the first two can be experienced every day on the streets, for the latter you need to allow extra time and of course buy a ticket.

The People`s House, as it is called by locals was built by the former communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and was part of a greater plan to rebuilt Bucharest and make it look more similar to other big communist capitals such as Pyongyang. It is now the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon and it is the most expensive and heavy administrative building in the world. The ticket prices go from 10 lei to 45 lei depending on which parts of the Palace you want to see and people aged 18 to 25 have a free admission based on a student id card.

Also in the building of the Palace is the National Museum of Contemporary Art for which a ticket costs 10 lei. The museum has a cafe at the top floor and it is the perfect place for a Brunch. You can see a part of Bucharest from above and enjoy a lovely atmosphere.

To continue your day, take a walk through Izvor Park that is across the street from The Palace of Parliament and go towards Independence Street. Here you should take a right towards Unirii Square and walk by the banks of Dambovita River. Once you get to the United Nations Square you can cross the street and enter the old town where we are. Here you can either walk straight going on Victory Avenue or get immersed in the crumbled twisted streets that are packed with restaurants and pubs.

If time allows you can also visit the national Museum of History where apart from temporary exhibitions you can also see the national treasure of Romania. The entrance fee costs 7 lei, but be aware that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

After a long day you can go and eat at the Beer Chariot. It is probably the most famous restaurant in Bucharest and their traditional dishes are delicious. The prices are affordable and the staff is friendly so the experience should definitely be on your check list.


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2 thoughts on “Things to do in Bucharest

  • What a nice article! I really enjoyed reading 🙂 I will be in Bucharest in 2 weeks and I can’t wait! But the only thing I dont know yet how will I get into the city centre from otp airport… Could you tell me some ideas, or what is the best option? I was checking but I can’t decide if they are good or bad? What about taxi companies? Are they reliable?

    • Hi! For transfer from the airport to the city center the best option is to take the bus number 783 from Otopeni to Piata Unirii.If you decide to take a taxi, make sure to get the verified ones (yes they are reliable). Thanks for reading our blog!

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