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Sunny days are finally here! Bucharest is wonderful from April to October and if you visit during this time your tour should definitely include at least one of the city`s parks. These are the perfect places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy capital.

One of the most famous parks is Herastrau, located in the northern area. It is the place where you can spend an entire day and not feel bored. You can practice all sorts of sports from running to fishing and then relax in one of the gardens especially designed for leisure. If you get hungry you can have a break at one of the two restaurants located in the area of the park, either Hard Rock café of Beraria H. As many of Bucharest`s parks, Herastrau too has a lake where you can rent boats to have a ride. On top of all this you can also visit The Village Museum which displays traditional houses from all Romania and is unique in Europe considering its diversity.

For the southern area of Bucharest, Tineretului Park was built, covering an area of 200 hectares and thus making it the largest one. Here you can go for a run or ride a boat on the lake if you are more of a sports` person. If you don`t feel that energetic you can relax on the benches of even have a picnic on the grass. Bellu Cemetery, one of Bucharest`s historical monuments is nearby so you can also pay that a visit. Most Romanian personalities were buried here includes the poet Mihai Eminescu.

If you are in the central area of the city and you want something closer, you can chose from Izvor Park or Cismigiu Gardens. Izvor is located right outside the Palace of Parliament and although it doesn’t have a lake or many opportunities for activities, it can be the perfect place to relax after a long day of visiting. You can just come here after a tiring visit of the Parliament and lounge in the shade to recharge your batteries before exploring the city some more. Cismigiu on the other hand, is filled with history being the first public garden of Bucharest. It too has a lake where boats can be rented. Thanks to the vegetation and landscaping, the park as a romantic atmosphere so don`t be surprised if you see lots of couples around and it is also the go to place for wedding photo shoots.

No matter what you choose you are bound to love Bucharest even more when strolling in a park. So next time you think what landmarks to see put a park on that list too.


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