Watching the Sunset



Sometimes when we visit a city we are so fascinated by it that we only see the buildings and the tourist paths ahead of us…but we rarely look up. The sky is different in every part of the world and it offers an unique free show every day. That`s why we thought we would dedicate some time in Bucharest watching the sky and we came up with a list of places where you can marvel at it`s beauty.

Firstly, if you want to encompass a scientific point of view you should definitely pay the Astronomic Observer a visit. It is located at 151, Victory Avenue in a Belle Epoque building. For day-time observations the schedule is from 11 AM to 2 PM from on Wednesday and Sunday and for night-time observations from 8 PM (with the mention that the last visitor can enter at 9:30 PM) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The ticket costs 5 lei and can be purchased directly at the entrance. Be aware that for a great observation of the sky the weather should be clear!

If you don`t like museums that much and want a more romantic experience you can choose to go to Morii Lake.It is situated in Crangasi neighbourhood and it is a quiet place perfect for a evening walk.Given the size of the lake you can almost feel as if you are somewhere at the seaside rather than in a busy city.

Last but not least you can come to our Sky Bar (Pura Vida Sky Bar) and we guarantee you`ll see the best rooftop view of the old city.The place is always packed with joyful people and has a chill atmosphere. As you may know, sunsets are enjoyed best with a dink in hand and we have a great selection of cocktails and other beverages. Plus, we organize cool events like this one, so make sure to check our Facebook page for new offers and tips.

We hope your visit in Bucharest will be enriched by these tips, don`t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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