April 7, 2016


1.  Do I need hostel card? Curfew or lockout?

No, we are open 24/7 during the summer. During the cold season we are open from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m.

2. Do you provide bed sheets?
Yes, nice and clean, for free!

3. Any age limit?
No, Pura Vida Sky Hostel is suitable for all travelers or families. Anyway, people younger than 18 have to be accompanied by an adult.

4.  Is the hostel in the center of Bucharest?
Yes, in the historical center!

5. Do you serve breakfast?
Yes, you can have a coffee and a croissant with only 6 lei at Pura Vida Hub, at the first floor of our other hostel – Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel, on the same street.

6.  Any additional charges?
No, you pay only for your bed.

7.  How do we get from airport to your hostel?

It’s very easy. Read all about it here.

8. Can I wash my clothes at the hostel?

Yes, we offer laundry services (wash & dry) for 30 Lei.

9. Do you have free WIFI at the hostel?

Yes, and it is available anywhere in the hostel.

10. Where can I put my valuables?

Every room has lockers and you can use them for free.

11. How do I make a booking for Pura Vida Sky Hostel?

The easiest way to make a booking is on this page. Just select the date, number of people and number of nights. Click Book Now and fill in all required fields.  If you prefer to make a booking on the phone or by email, you can call us at  0040 0786 329 134 or write an email at skyhostel@puravidahostels.ro.

12. How do I cancel my booking?
You can email us at skyhostel@puravidahostels.ro or call 0040 0786 329 134 with more than 24 hours in advance. Please provide us with your booking details for a quick handling of your cancellation. Only when you receive a personal reply with the confirmation of your cancellation, you can be sure that your cancellation has been processed.

13.  How do I make sure I’m in the same room as my friends
Just make your online booking and send us an email with the booking number(s) of you and your friends and explain what you prefer. Then we will do our best to put you in the same room and will always reply to you in person.

14. What time is check-in and check out?
We welcome you to check-in 24 hours a day. Check-out is at 11:10. After check-out we clean the rooms so they are ready around 14:00. If you arrive before that time we can check you in and give you your key, you can store your bag in a luggage locker and chill out in the common room or explore the city.

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